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Last Scream

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Praises for Last Scream


"Clear your schedule before you start reading this book !!! This is my favorite so far in the Thomas family series. Right from the first chapter Morgan grabbed my attention and the thrill ride began !!! From the graphic crime scenes to the steamy romance, this book delivers and satisfies !!! So many great characters are introduced in this book, as well as a visit from a few old friends. This book is a perfect read for anyone that likes serial killer thrillers with some romance and humor thrown in the mix !!! Once again I highly recommend this and any other of Hannah Morgan MacDonald's books !!!M. Lowe


 "Morgan Hannah MacDonald does it again in Last Scream! Yet another great murder mystery with the Thomas brothers. Each of books in the Thomas Family Series are inter-connected and it's great to "meet & greet" characters you've come to know and love. Although interconnected, this reader feels the books are all good enough to stand alone. Some readers may feel a bit lost without all the backstory, but this reader still feels the books can and do stand on their own. In this book, we get a more in depth look at Will Thomas, Texas Ranger. The dynamics between Will and FBI Special Agent Savannah St. Germaine start out with some "chest beating" and then turn in to so much more. MacDonald's scenes are well written, very detailed, the descriptiveness is enough for you to "see the scene". The murder scenes are gruesome, the sex scenes scintillating. This book was a page turner from page 1. If you are a murder mystery lover, I highly recommend you read this one!" - drasmussen

"Last Scream started out a bit slow for and I was a bit lost when some of the older characters appeared because it had been so long since I read the older books I felt a bit lost and would have enjoyed a little bit of back story to refresh my memory. But once I got deeper into the book and just focused on Will and Savannah's story I enjoyed the book a lot more. I really enjoy MacDonald 's style of writing and some of her one liners she put in her book are priceless. Who could not love Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy? As for the plot of the the book it was really good as well. I will admit I had no idea who the killer was until the big reveal when the author wanted the reader to know. The romance between Will and Savannah in the book was also perfect. Some of scences of what the killer did to his victims sexually was more graphic then most authors share so some people may not like that but it was not over the top either just enough to know what happened to the victims. Overall this was a very good book and a nice addition to this series. I can't wait for more." - Sarah53121


He kidnaps them. Punishes them. Sends them to hell. Then he displays them so everyone will know they are sinners.


Texas Ranger William H. Thomas is called to a small town where the body of a mutilated woman has been found. She's kneeling and trussed to a tree, and her hands are tied together as if in prayer. Something horrific lies in her arms. No sooner does he catch the case, when the FBI swoops in to take it.


Special Agent Savannah St. Germaine, from the Louisiana branch of the FBI, is working a case in which the killer leaves his victims nailed up in crucifixion fashion. A similar MO shows up in Texas. Certain it's the same killer, she heads to Austin to investigate further. Her suspicions are confirmed, but the powers that be aren't willing to hand over the case. If she wants to work it, she'll have to partner up with one of their own. 


Lorelei Hamilton finally gets the nerve to leave her abusive husband. Everything is well thought out. She’ll ditch her car, dump her cell phone, change her name and establish a new identity. But she hadn't planned on being abducted by a psychopath who makes her husband's violent outbursts look like child's play. 


Now Will and Savannah are on the hunt for the most sadistic serial killer the South has ever seen. Can they catch him before he claims another victim?